Library Card

20200901_160952cropped.jpg   Registration forms for a library card are available at the library.


A.    A Library Card will be issued free of charge to residents of the city of West Bend, rural counties surrounding West Bend and communities participating in Iowa’s Open Access Program

B.    Proof of Residence may be asked for at the time of registration for a library card. This may be in the form of non-personal mail or a library postcard may be mailed to a new residence to confirm address as needed. Identification may be asked for at the time of registration. A driver’s license or student ID is preferred; however, any other official ID may be used.

C.   Children may register for a library card at any age when they can accurately provide full name, address, phone number and birthdate. A library postcard may be sent to the child’s home and returned to the library to confirm the child’s address.

D.   Parent or guardian permission must be provided for children who are unable to provide accurate registration information

E.    A new card will be issued with probationary rules for the first 30 days, after that time, if the patron has no overdue items or fines the probationary period will be lifted. A patron may be limited in the number of items he/she may check out at a time at the discretion of library staff if he/she consistently has overdue materials or due to large fines on their account.